Infrastructure as a Service  (IaaS)


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So what is IaaS? In practical terms, IaaS is a fully outsourced and managed package which includes servers and related components, infrastructure level software, support, maintenance and environmental management. 

A hosted system environment allows your business to outsource the management and maintenance of complex infrastructure, such as servers, storage and networking components, to an external data centre. This model can reduce the business risk, and capital and operating cost generally associated with on-premises location, and support for the infrastructure which supports the business systems. 


Trisynia partners with Tech Data, one of Australia's largest providers of systems infrastructure hosting for public and private cloud. Strategically located data centres within Australia means that you maintain sovereignty over your systems and information and are not exposed to the vagaries of foreign laws which may compromise your confidentiality. All data centres comply with certification standards to ISO-27001 Information Systems Security Management and feature 24x7 CCTV monitoring, redundant high speed Internet connectivity and Tier 1 protection systems. 


The major benefit derived from running your application systems on a hosted environment is that resources can be added and removed to match business demand. This elasticity dramatically improves the ability of your business to respond to market conditions and control IT costs. What this means is that during periods of peak business activity, additional resource can be added dynamically to cope with demand. When demand falls, as is often the case in seasonal business, IT resources can be scaled back and cost savings can be achieved. 

Cloud hosting is available in two varieties, public and private. Depending on your circumstances one or other of these will suit but in some cases a combination of the the two further increases flexibility.  


What business types suit this model? 


Hosted systems are ideal for:


  • Businesses currently with multiple server systems and limited internal IT support capability.

  • Businesses with complex systems which require dedicated human resources to mange capacity planning, backup and maintenance routines .

  • Businesses with pronounced seasonal activity or long periods of quiet business activity 

  • Project or development work where additional resources are required to assist collaboration or build test and training environments. 

  • Businesses which prefer not to have onsite equipment because of the space required, the additional risk of loss, increased insurance premiums or a preference to move capital cost into operating cost. 

  • Businesses who are subject to expensive compliance requirements which specify minimum standards for computer systems and related support processes. 


What do I need?


To make effective use of a hosted environment, a fast and reliable business grade, symmetric Internet connection is desirable. Depending on the nature of the business activity and the number of people supported, a private IP network may be preferred. We generally recommend the use of reliable, high capacity fibre services starting at 100Mbs. 

To learn more about cloud hosting options and how they can benefit your business, connect with an expert now.