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Cloud PBX Phone Solution




finally, a simple phone system

Anyone running a business is familiar with the on-premises phone system. High capital cost, high maintenance, difficult and costly to upgrade, difficult to relocate, requires expensive phone lines and then there's the call costs. Budgeting is, at best, a guess because costs vary from month to month and the phone bills are impossible to understand. How many phone lines do we have? Where does this line go? 

In the end, it just gets too hard so you pay whatever bill comes in without really understanding what you're paying for. 

A cloud based PBX system resolves most of the irritating issues associated with a phone system. Benefits include:

  • A monthly flat rate charge, as little as $30 per month per phone, which includes the cost of the phone and all national and mobile calls 

  • Port your existing numbers 

  • Same bill each month allowing easy budgeting and forecasting (excludes international and 13/1300 calls)

  • No phone line charges

  • All the features of a typical corporate grade PBX at no additional cost. 

  • No onsite hardware to support and maintain

  • Web browser based administration - no specialists required

  • Add a pre-configured new phone by connecting it to any network port

  • Inexpensive calls to common international destinations

  • Phones are not tied to a particular ISP or telco - plug them in anywhere

  • Mobile phone app which acts as an extension for your desk phone - no need to give out your mobile number

  • No paying for obsolete phone services that you don't recognise on the bill 

  • Easy to relocate if you move offices - just unplug and reconnect 

  • Up and running in as little as one week after ordering

Modern cloud PBX systems are simple to understand. Audio quality is clear. 

A cloud PBX solution shares your Internet connection with other services. A quality high speed and reliable connection is all that is required to enjoy the benefits of an inexpensive and feature rich phone solution.