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Video conferencing, or video meeting, has become the "must have" for any business seeking to maximise the power of collaboration to drive business and maximise the productivity of teams. Video can also bring the experience and knowledge of supplier and technical experts from outside your business right into the room with you ensuring that you have all of the information needed to make sounds decisions. 

Video meeting systems have long been known to facilitate cost reductions and efficiency improvements by removing geographic and time restrictions on attendees. Now it it possible for anyone to join a group discussion form almost anywhere using any Internet enabled device, such as a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. This means that key people are able to contribute immediately and share information in real time, regardless of their location, with effective visual involvement. 

How we use video meeting is evolving. The hero solution in the company boardroom still plays an important role and offers the clarity and reliability that is critical for group presentations, team training and important meetings involving many participants. 

Companies of all sizes are now developing "huddle rooms" which are more intimate and relaxed collaboration spaces, typically for four to six people,which are equipped with an affordable video conferencing solution. Huddle rooms encourage people and teams to meet quickly, easily and more often. This improves decision making, brings remote workers into the team dynamic and helps build team harmony.  

Recently we have seen a massive increase in employees working from home. The ability to engage with colleagues is critical to achieve high levels of productivity and to overcome the feeling of isolation. We see that cheap solutions using laptop embedded peripherals produces a substandard outcome. The right combination of devices and software can achieve near-studio quality results without the high price tag. 

At Trisynia we design and integrate the right video meeting experience for your business environment and requirements. We build your solution around familiar solutions including those from Google and Microsoft which go well beyond the simple Skype or Hangouts video call experience. Our selection of quality components and peripherals always ensures that your video meeting experience is high definition and your audio is crystal clear.