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Internet to drive your business 

The fundamental building block for any business in the modern, competitive world is a robust, fast and reliable Internet connection. However, there are so many bewildering choices. Your focus is on running your business but some Internet Service Providers will try and sell you anything with no consideration for your needs or growth. Because their focus is only on sales and commissions, they don't have time to help you identify the right solution so you may be paying more than you should or be locked into an expensive, long term contract. 

A reliable and fast Internet service determines the competitive position of your business. It is the critical link to the outside world and affects the efficiency and productivity of your team. It is the key to productive and cost saving tools like video conferencing, cloud PBX and cloud applications. It determines how well you can interact with customers and suppliers. It determines whether or not your team can efficiently work from home. 

Business grade NBN has changed the playing field for many firms, particularly small firms of around 20 people per office. Cost effective and robust, Business NBN can revolutionise the scope and capability of a firm far beyond loading web pages more quickly. 

For businesses with critical demands or many people, fibre Internet connections provide many growth and expansion options. Widely available in many office buildings in CBD areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, these services are becoming the default for the serious business and offer a significant step up from NBN in reliability and support while providing consistently high speed throughput and low latency. That means no delays or drop outs of critical business systems. 


Trisynia, understands the critical importance of a reliable Internet connection. Our business relies on the Internet too. We will take the time to help you. We will listen to you about the issues which are important to your business and advise you where your budget is best spent for the optimum outcome. We'll suggest technology options that you might not have considered, explain what your competitors are doing and help you to get the right solution at the right price. 

Internet networking technology is one of the most dynamic industries in IT. Service providers are constantly changing the game plan with new options and technologies, and cheaper access prices. We do not believe in committing our clients to long term agreements with Internet Service Providers. Doing so may probe costly or restrictive in as little as 12 months. In most cases, we would never advise a contract period or more than 3 years and we would question the integrity of a supplier that tried to push for longer agreements. Let us represent you in the negotiation. We'll ensure that you get the best outcome for your business. 

Talk to us about your business and we will help you find the service that is right for you.