fair use policy


  1. Our Fair Use Policy applies to services which are stated to be subject to the Fair Use Policy (“Fair Use Services”).

  2. Our Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure:

    1. the availability of our Services to all eligible Trisynia Customers; and

    2. that the Fair Use Services are not used in an unreasonable manner.

  3. We reserve the right to vary the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.

  4. We may rely on the Fair Use Policy where your usage of the Fair Use Services is unreasonable, as defined below.


Unreasonable Use

  1. It is unreasonable use of a Fair Use Service where your use of the service is reasonably considered by Trisynia to:

    1. be fraudulent;

    2. fail to provide information, cooperation and assistance when reasonably requested by Trisynia 

    3. act a manner which is perceived as intolerant, disrespectful, abusive, coercive, or dismissive 

    4. involve use which is atypical to that of the majority of other customers

    5. involve requests which we deem are related to unsupported activities such as user training or which relate to unsupported applications, systems, devices, or services

    6. not relate directly to agreed supported systems, services and equipment including, but not limited to, home or personal equipment, residential Internet services, personal agreements with third parties, or other non-business owned services, systems, subscriptions or equipment. 

    7. adversely affect another customer's use of or access to the Fair Use Services

  2. Without limitation:

    1. Fraudulent use includes using the agreed service to obtain benefit for other than the contracted party

    2. Non-ordinary use includes:

      1. usage to menace, coerce, harass or injure any person or damage anything;

      2. usage in connection with an infringement or committing an offence against any law, standard or code; or

      3. any other activity which would not be reasonably regarded as ordinary use in relation to the Fair Use Service.


Excess Use

  1. Excess Use is defined as:

    1. Support requests of a trivial matter which the end user could reasonably expect to resolve themselves;

    2. Recurring support requests for issues which have already been resolved and are not unreasonably impacting the customer's business activity or for which the customer has already been supplied with an adequate resolution or work-around (in the case of a known and currently unresolvable error or fault with either software, hardware, communication systems and devices, third party services, and peripheral devices) 


Our Rights

  1. If we consider your use of the Fair Use Services is unreasonable, we may, at our sole discretion, without telling you before we do so:

    1. suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) in accordance with our agreement with you; and/or

    2. terminate the Service in accordance with our agreement with you.