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Trisynia Healthcare IT support is the premier choice for all of your IT requirements. With more than twenty years experience serving the medical and healthcare community, we have become renown for our leadership in the field. We ensure that your practice's IT systems operate with reliability and consistency and that our innovative solutions keep your team up to date with the latest productivity improvements and techniques. 

Put simply, our promise to you is to provide Exceptional Care! 

Trisynia Healthcare IT Support is a leading Australian provider of superior IT services for Specialists, Surgeons, Dental and Orthodontic, General Practitioners, Aged Care facilities, Day Surgeries, Medical Centres, Wellness Providers, Rehabilitation Practitioners and Veterinary Clinics.

Practice in the Cloud Hosting, or PitCH, is our all inclusive solution for provision and management of your critical practice management solution. PitCH provides an easily deployed, turn-key solution without the need for complex on-site server or phone systems. PitCH is a revolutionary, fast deployment system which is perfect for new premises or when you are considering upgrading your old systems. 

With PitCH you are assured of a no-fuss, consistent and reliable solution. No need to worry about backups and hardware maintenance. No need to allocate valuable floor space to on-site servers. No additional electricity costs. No local server downtime surprises and no waiting for on-site technicians to arrive. 

As a leased option, there are no big up-front capital outlays, just easy, set monthly fees for the core systems. You choose what you need and leave the rest up to us. We will design a tailored system to suit your needs, set it up and manage it for you. 

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If you're intrigued by PitCH, in need of a more traditional solution, or you want to see what we can do with a hybrid option, please feel free to connect with an expert. We'll listen to you and develop a tailored solution that is just right for your practice. 

Our PiTCH FAQ is now available. Click here to see what other clients are asking. 

Our preferred solutions

Whatever you need from IT, we can help. Whether it be better support for your existing systems, a technology refresh, a cloud migration, a site relocation or even if you're starting fresh, we've done it before and we've done it well.  Maybe you just need advice or a second opinion. Just contact us and we'll be there for you.