the PiTCH FAQ 

What is PiTCH?

Practice in The Cloud Hosting (PiTCH) is the modern, convenient, and low risk alternative to fixed on-premises server systems. With PiTCH, all your critical business IT systems and applications are hosted in an accredited and secure Australian data centre environment operated by Microsoft. Your systems are protected with multiple redundant features including power, cooling, fail-over servers, and Internet connections to ensure reliability and continuous access.


Are my systems secure?


Yes. Security is important. PiTCH is hosted in a lights-out, dedicated, high security building with multiple authentication levels required for physical access. The servers are managed by qualified technicians who can not access your applications or data. Only qualified and approved Trisynia staff can access the server’s Windows operating system. Typically, we only access the system for maintenance and problem resolution purposes. PiTCH systems are protected by a commercial grade firewall, backups, and anti-virus software.


What are the benefits of PiTCH?


Depending upon your business model, the benefits of cloud hosting may vary. In general, PiTCH provides the following advantages:

  • A secure and controlled environment with multiple protection features including redundant power, fire suppression, cooling and 24x7 resource monitoring.  

  • A reduction, or elimination, of high maintenance on-premises server infrastructure.

  • A flexible and scalable approach which allows same-day modifications to server resources (processing power, memory, and storage) to cater for changes in business demand.

  • A subscription model which allows you to choose the resources you need and pay a set monthly amount. This improves cash flow, simplifies budgeting, and frees up capital funds for more important needs.

  • Included security measures such as commercial business grade firewalls, regular and verified system backups, and options for full disaster recovery services.

  • By not having on-premises critical servers, you do not have to worry about events which can affect your business productivity and customer commitments. Such events include hardware failure and associated repair or replacement delays, extended periods of downtime, mains power failures, fire, theft, malicious damage, water damage, and environmental factors such as cooling faults, hot summer days, and dust build-up. Put simply, cloud hosting is peace of mind.

  • Noise, floor-space, cooling and security issues often associated with having servers in your practice office are eliminated.


What will I no longer need in my office?


Depending upon the requirements of your applications, you will not need any server equipment, specialised cooling systems, data backup systems, battery backup, primary storage units, server cabinets and racks. You will save on electricity costs, floor space, software licensing, hardware maintenance, and on-site IT support.


What will I still need in my office?


You will need the following services and equipment:

  • A high-capacity Internet service. This will be assessed on the basis of the number of people who will connect in the office. Often, a 100Mbs business grade NBN service will be more than sufficient.

  • A firewall router to protect the office network from intruders.

  • A data switch to connect the cabled computers and printers to the network.

  • A small wall mounted cabinet or dedicated space for the firewall and switch (this will be where the network cables all meet)

  • Desktop computers to allow you to connect to the hosted applications.

  • Other office devices such as printers and scanners.


How do I connect to my applications?


Each staff member will be supplied with a “virtual” Windows desktop. You connect to this Windows desktop from any other computer or tablet. This can be in the office, at home, on a laptop at the local coffee shop, a hotel. 


When you connect, you will receive an authorisation code on your mobile phone (if you are connecting from a new location) which will permit you to log in. This ensures that people who guess or steal your password can not log in and access confidential systems.

The Windows desktop is not stored on your local computer so it will look the same, regardless of which computer you use to connect. As long as you have access to the Internet, you will do all your work from this virtual desktop, regardless of where you are. This makes remote access for you and your staff easy, secure and consistent.


What happens if my Internet connection goes down?


Most Internet services these days are very reliable and any problems that do occur are usually quickly resolved. Because your hosted system is not exclusively linked to your Internet service, you can access the systems from any alternative service. This might include a standby 4/5G router, using the hotspot feature on your mobile phone or by working from another location. Trisynia can help design a cost-effective Internet backup solution which will restore PiTCH access on those rare occasions where something does go wrong.


What happens with our existing servers and applications?


Regardless of which practice management software you use, we will transfer the application to PiTCH for you. Generally, there is no outage required. We create the new environment while you continue working on your old systems and infrastructure. We will provide training material prior to the change over and, on a designated date, we will perform a final data synchronisation and cut your systems over to PiTCH. The next business day, your team will log into the new environment and pick up where they left off.

We will decommission and dismantle your old systems and associated obsolete components. If you do not want the old equipment, we will remove confidential information and arrange environmental disposal on your behalf.

Do we need to buy new Office desktop applications?


The PiTCH eco-system includes Microsoft 365 for email and Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.). If you do not currently use these applications, PiTCH will help to introduce you to the benefits of Microsoft 365 Office, email, and new innovative technologies such as Teams and cloud file storage. There are also a raft of productivity and specialist apps which can optionally be added to your new, collaborative Microsoft 365 system to increase your practice’s efficiency and profitability.

Microsoft is committed to pouring resources into the development of their cloud hosting and application products. A subscription to PiTCH ensures that you will always have access to the newest business productivity features and technologies. Trisynia will regularly review new features and, where we think they will benefit your business, we will let you know.


What if something goes wrong?


We have plenty of experience working with all aspects of our PiTCH system. As with on-premises systems, if you experience difficulty, you can contact our all Australian-based support team, each an experienced PiTCH expert, and we will help to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

I am interested in moving our systems to PiTCH.

Can you demonstrate the system?


Absolutely. We have a demonstration environment with a basic configuration and some common applications. We can show you how to connect from your office or home and let you experience the simplicity with which you can transform your business.