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Moving Office? 

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moving? plan and prepare for success

Relocating an office, regardless of size,  can be a stressful exercise. Ensuring that existing services are successfully migrated on time is challenging and best left to an experienced project team.  A well planned and executed IT move can be the difference between being fully operational and productive or experiencing frustrating delays, angry customers, lost revenue and low employee morale. 

Many businesses owners and managers are unaware of the complexity and challenges associated with the relocation of equipment and services associated with their IT. The current configuration of communication services, Internet connections, on premises equipment and the age of the existing systems will determine how difficult the move will be. There may also be an opportunity to take advantage of an office move to review and update the technology in use by the business. 

So what's involved? 

Well, first off a review of the existing environment is required. An assessment of what has to be moved and what does not is critical. Some equipment and services may be obsolete or no longer in use but still present in the system. 

Once the scope of the relocation is understood, the destination has to be qualified. Is there sufficient power, air conditioning, physical space, cabling, network ports.


Next comes preparing the destination site. What trade services will be required to complete the operation. When will this need to be done. What about the Internet connection? What type of service is required and what is the lead time to have this service installed? 

Are there opportunities to change technology? Can we save on relocation cost and complexity by moving to a cloud PBX? What about servers? Can we move them to the cloud or a co-location environment? This will save space and potential fit-out cost. 

The move itself will need to be coordinated. Who will we need and when? We need tasks to dovetail so that, for example, there aren't too many people onsite at the same time, getting in each other's way. 

There are many challenges to overcome with an office relocation. The experienced project leaders at Trisynia have participated in many such relocation projects and we have developed both effective methodologies and great partners to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly, on time and on budget. As the client, you want to be confident that the risks are minimised, the opportunities have all been examined and that your teams can hit the ground running on day one at the new site.