our core skills and capabilities

With a wealth of knowledge, years of experience and a great team of switched-on experts, Trisynia provides you with proven, highly reliable, and modern IT solutions to enable your business to grow and succeed. Whether it be cloud or on-premises, we adopt a cost-effective, modular approach to our technology solutions to achieve a best practice result, tailored to your specific business needs. With us, you can confidently expect fast, helpful, and caring support from our all Australian team. We will ensure that your business is ready to delight your customers and leave your competitors in the dust. 

Prompt and reliable, essential technical support options to keep you people working. 

Use private and public cloud to be flexible and nimble and reduce onsite costs. 

Use the features of MS 365 to improve workflow, communicate and stay current

Thrive and succeed with a high speed data service which brings the world to you.

Simple, cost effective, reliable and no need for an expensive on premises "box on the wall"

Take your practice to the next level with better support and new technology features

Project management to take the pain out of moving and ensure the new site is ready. 

Bring people together and engage them with quality video and audio tools. 

Our supplier network ensures that we can source what you need when you need it. 

Monitor your workplace 24/7, receive alerts, store evidence for police investigation.