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the power of Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 allows business users to affordably tap into the rich and evolving Office platform and benefit by always having access to the latest Office features for a low monthly fee rather than a big expense every couple of years. The cloud experience allows people to work and collaborate from anywhere using all of the familiar tools, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, but also expands on collaboration features with Teams, Sharepoint, instant messaging and social networking.  

New business applications, now appearing in the 365 environment, enable businesses to directly interact with their customers to allow, for example, appointment booking and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Further application development will see new features to help teams work together, share data, work on projects and interact with suppliers. 

The subscription model ensures that all members of your team are at the same version level so there's none of the confusion that might have occurred with different team members on different Office versions. The per user subscription model means that you can purchase what you need, when you need it and be confident in a predictable monthly cost. This moves capital cost into operating and is great for those important budget forecasts. 


Microsoft's support for common business platforms ensures that just about any device will allow team members to engage and participate with their colleagues no matter where they are, at work, home or on the move. 

Our experienced team at Trisynia can work with you to assess your requirements and because Microsoft has built 365 to be modular and flexible, you only subscribe to the tools that you need. Our team can advise you on which plans offer the best value for your circumstances and then migrate your business from your existing static systems to your customised, dynamic Microsoft 365 platform. We can manage all of the ongoing 365 administrative tasks for you, giving you and your team the confidence to concentrate on you core business activities.