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What we do


Many years ago, we started off as an IT support firm but we have become so much more than that. Most of our clients regard us as a loyal and integral part of their team. We focus on their business issues, understand their concerns, provide them with sound and cost effective advice, and stand by their side through he good times and the bad. In some cases, we're the longest serving members of the team and we're very proud of that. 

Through our experience and the backing of our carefully cultivated industry partners and suppliers, we bring depth and strength to our clients as the preferred single point of contact for all things IT. 

Our commitment and  dedication to analysing market trends means that we can bring a range of solution options. We explain solutions in non-technical language and ensure that clients have sufficient information to allow them to make informed decisions concerning their IT investments. We maintain supplier independence so we can always offer the best solution for our clients rather than being driven to meet supplier commission quotas.

We appreciate the loyalty and trust that our many clients show us and we ensure that we don't let them down. 

Some areas where we really excel...

Building IT solutions that build your business

This is really our bread and butter. With our deep knowledge of contemporary products and services on the market, our carefully chosen partners, and years of practical experience across a variety of industries, we are uniquely positioned to help your business be the best business that it can be. 

Whether it be cloud or on-premises, not only will we design and build it, we will look after your IT system like it is our own and ensure that everything works as it should, when it should. 

Enabling Teamwork

Creating an effective and prosperous team these days means putting the right systems and tools in place to enable people to communicate, share information and work collaboratively. Whether in the office or working remotely, a comprehensive understanding of your business needs, and sound planning is critical to ensure that your people can thrive with that "in the office" teamwork feeling.

We have been fortunate to work with some great clients where we have designed solutions  which help them to inspire their people and achieve some great results. We'd love to help you too. 

Great Support

Our team of techs is a great mix of young guns and wise heads. They're  backed by a top notch support crew who keep the back office humming along. With people on the ground in the three east coast capitals and quality affiliates in many other towns and cities throughout Australia (and let's not forget our heroes in New Zealand) we are ready to meet any IT challenge that is thrown at us. We also receive fantastic support from our private and public cloud hosting partners. Together we're ready for any challenge.  

About us


Trisynia is built on the foundation of three existing IT Service providers, Microresponse (est. 1991), CED IT (est. 1993) and Bluefly IT Solutions (est. 2003). Each firm is highly regarded and successful in its own right. 

Together, we have established a dynamic new firm that focuses on contemporary business technology solutions. Our strength is the quality of our systems and the skills and knowledge of our people. 

Headquartered in South Melbourne, Trisynia also has a presence in Sydney and Brisbane, enabling us to directly engage with the Australian east coast. We are privileged to have clients in every mainland capital as well as many other cities and towns. We also have clients in the New Zealand cities of Auckland and Wellington.  

Through the incorporation of CED IT, Trisynia provides specialist support to more than one hundred medical practices in Melbourne and Sydney. Our medical support and infrastructure teams work seamlessly to bring our customers the best possible outcome.  


Do you need more information or advice than our web site provides?

We're always adding more content but, in the meantime, please call or email us. We welcome an opportunity to learn about your business. We're keen to help.  

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