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Practice in the Cloud Hosting, Trisynia, PitCH

Practice in the Cloud Hosting, or PitCH, is Trisynia’s all-inclusive solution for supply and management of your critical practice administration.

PitCH provides an easily installed, ready-to-use solution. No need for complex on-site server or phone systems. 

PitCH is a revolutionary, fast deployment system. Perfect for new premises or when you are considering upgrading your old systems. 

Building the systems that build your business.

What are the benefits of a hosted environment?

Hosted Cloud computing offers flexibility, easy-access and data recovery, efficient maintenance, and a high level of security.

You can scale your resources quickly and cost effectively, to match business demand.

This flexibility significantly improves your business’ ability to respond to market conditions and control IT costs.

Is cloud hosting right for your business?

A hosted solution is the best option for most businesses, combining flexibility with unparalleled support for distributed and work-from-home business models.

So, the answer is usually “Yes”, unless your business works with very large files. In that case, you will need very high-speed access to storage that can only be cost-effectively provided on a local network.

Even then, a hybrid arrangement between cloud and local resources can provide great advantages over purely on-premises installations.

For example, an architecture company can achieve significant benefits by hosting business administration functions on the cloud. At the same time, they would keep the operational aspects on local servers to achieve the performance required for handling of very large files.

Cloud hosting with Trisynia

Cloud hosting is available as either public or private. Depending on your circumstances, one or other of these will suit, but in some cases a combination of the the two further increases flexibility.

All data centres comply with certification standards to ISO-27001 Information Systems Security Management and feature 24×7 CCTV monitoring, redundant high-speed internet connectivity and Tier 1 protection systems.

PitCH is suitable for any type of professional practice, including:

Medical Specialists

General Practitioners





Veterinary Clinics

Financial Services