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Managed IT Services

Take your business technology to the next level.

We look after your IT system like it is our own and ensure that everything works as it should, when it should.

What is Managed IT Services?

The traditional model for IT support was “break-fix” – if something went wrong then it would get repaired. But this could mean a lot of wasted time while you wait for the fix to happen. Not great for your business, your team and your customers. If nothing ever goes wrong, this is a great model.

But things do go wrong, and usually at the worst possible time! 

The break-fix model is still offered as an option, however using Trisynia’s Managed IT Services is a much smarter way to manage your business’ IT support requirements. And it allows you to run your business with a much higher level of reliability for your systems. 

In a nutshell, we manage your IT and you manage your business. Makes a lot of sense. And it is much less hassle for you!

Under a Managed IT Services agreement, we proactively manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems. The services include network and infrastructure management, security and monitoring, against a clearly defined Service Level Agreement. 

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Trysinia's Managed IT Services gives you:

IT Help desk

Help desk

Help desk support whenever you need it with guaranteed response times. Onsite support offered, too. 

Fast response to keep you working

Support for desktop computers, laptops, phones, internet, Microsoft 365, people working from home.
Infrastructure management


Ensuring your hardware, software and networks meet your business needs. Help with capacity planning.

User and asset management

Adding, changing and removing users. Asset management, including purchasing, warranties and supportability.
Cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting

Easy and secure access to your data from anywhere in the world.
Hosted in Australia.

Flexibility and reduced costs

Easily adaptable to your requirements, saving you money and reducing your business risk.
IT Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Regular assessment of your hardware to ensure it is working properly. Software updating.

Software updates

Software installation and licensing, and ensuring you always have the latest versions.
business continuity, IT

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is not just about backups.

Planning and preparation

Talk to us about making your business resilient to IT outages.
Authentication, IT


Authentication is a key part of your security portfolio, including two factor authentication (2FA).

Moving beyond passwords

Trisynia uses and supports 2FA on all cloud platforms, providing an extra layer of protection.


Protection against cyberattacks and data breaches. Shielding your data, networks, and user access.

Preventing cyberthreats

Securing your IT against malware, ransomware, phishing, spear fishing, and other cyberthreats. Quick recovery if there is a breach of your security.

24/7 Monitoring

Actively monitoring your whole network so any issues can be fixed before they become a problem.

Better system performance

Proactive monitoring helps to increase systems uptime and keeps your business running.

Additional services provided:

  • Strategic advice  
  • Seamless migration from existing your IT service provider
  • Project management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Microsoft 365 migration
  • Equipment purchasing

Choosing Trisynia as your Managed Services provider is a great idea!

With Trisynia managing all your IT systems, you can focus on your own business without worrying about unplanned or extended system downtimes or service interruptions.

You can rest easy knowing that your hardware is working, your software is up-to-date and your data is always backed up.

With Trisynia, you  have access to IT expertise without the high cost of employing an in-house IT specialist. Our team have the qualifications, training, experience and specific skill sets that you need.

You pay one flat monthly fee, meaning predictable costs. No unexpected expenses.

Your team will have prioritised response to their support issues.

You will also save money on consulting fees, licensing fees, training and emergency repairs.

Our services can be customised to suit your business.

We liaise with your hardware and software vendors, so you don’t need to engage in time-consuming, complicated, technical conversations.

Our proactive maintenance greatly reduces the risk of unplanned outages.

Monitoring and managing your IT helps catch any glitches before they escalate into serious problems.

Investing in managed services means future proofing your IT services. Which makes it easier for you to expand, update and employ the latest technologies.

Why not have Trisynia look after all your IT systems?
It just makes sense for your bottom-line, your team and your well-being!

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Do you need some extra resources for your inhouse IT?

Sometimes your own IT people may just need a little bit of help…

  • Maybe your IT team is flat out fighting fires
  • Someone is going on leave
  • A recent resignation has left a gap in the team
  • Your team doesn’t have the time or skills to undertake a new project
  • There’s a new office opening up and someone is needed to run the project to get everything up and running
  • You need access to a higher level of expertise
  • Or, sometimes just having a second opinion helps.

By using Trisynia's team only when you need them, means you can save on salaries and all the associated on-costs, and training costs.

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How Trisynia can add value to your business

We can be involved as much or as little as you need us. Let your team concentrate on what they need to do, and delegate or escalate other issues to us. We can manage specific projects or just handle the daily tasks.

We are still strongly connected with your business and maintain a relationship so when we are needed, we can hit the ground running.

Everything we do will be ticketed and itemised so that you know how we’re contributing and adding value.

Our “support your team” option is retainer based. This helps us to ensure that we are on top of factors affecting your business and that we are ready to help at short notice. It’s good insurance and there when you need it.

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