Building the systems that build your business

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Specialists in Healthcare IT support

More than 20 years experience with Healthcare IT 100+ practices under our care​

Building the systems that build your Practice.

Trisynia Healthcare IT support is the premier choice for all your IT requirements.

With more than twenty years experience serving the medical and healthcare community, we have built a great reputation for our leadership in the field.

We ensure that your practice’s IT systems operate with reliability and consistency.

Our innovative solutions keep your team up to date with the latest productivity improvements and techniques.

We deliver true national Australian and international support with full time employees in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and with trusted partners and affiliates in all other mainland Australian and New Zealand capital cities.


We know and support the systems you rely on

Local and experienced

Our support team is 100% local, with deep knowledge and capability in supporting your key applications.

Focus on medical software

We support practices using a variety of specialised software, so we understand how it works and what it takes to make it operate smoothly and efficiently.

On-premises and in the cloud

Whether your practice uses local servers, or is fully in the cloud, or somewhere in between, we offer current, up-to-date experience in supporting environments just like yours.

Trisynia Healthcare IT Support is a leading Australian provider of superior IT services for:

Medical Specialists





General Practitioners

Day Surgery Centres

Medical Centres

Wellness Providers

Rehabilitation Practitioners

Residential Aged Care facilities

Veterinary Clinics