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Moving offices?

Relocating, no matter how big or small your business is, can be very stressful.

Why not get Trisynia to manage it all for you?

You want to be sure that all your systems are ready to go when you open at your new premises. 

A well-planned and managed IT move will ensure you don’t experience frustrating delays, disappointed customers, lost income and an unhappy team.

Let Trisynia manage your relocation.

Relocating your IT services and equipment is a complex and challenging exercise. You want to keep the cost of moving as low as possible and minimise your downtime. 

When you are planning on moving, it can a great time to review your IT equipment and maybe make some changes. 

Want to have it all go smoothly? It will be a lot less stressful for you when Trisynia plans and manages the entire process for you.

Before you move, talk to Trisynia about what changes could make sense for your business. 

Office space with people, office relocation, relocation, moving
Office space with people, office relocation, relocation, moving
Office space with people, office relocation, relocation, moving
Office space with tables, Office space with people, office relocation, relocation, moving

How does Trisynia help with your move?

The first step is to review your existing equipment.

Deciding what needs to be moved, and what doesn’t, is vital. There’s no point in moving equipment or services that aren’t being used, or are obsolete.

Are there any opportunities to change technology and save relocation and future costs? Could you move Cloud Hosting for your servers or voice communications?  This can also save you space and fit-out costs.

What’s at the new premises?

Next step is to check the new premises. Is there enough power, air conditioning, physical space, cabling, network ports? Which internet services will be available? It is good idea to check with us before you sign your new lease, or purchase a property, to make sure it will meet your needs.

The actual move

Once all the details are sorted, Trisynia will plan the coordination of all the tasks that will need to happen to make the relocation go smoothly. This will include scheduling any tradespeople, in the right order, and ensuring there won’t be too many people on site at the one time. Contacting your service providers. 

Double-checking that your backups are working…

And, most importantly, ensuring all the services you need will be ready to go at your new office when you are.